I woke up so upset in my spirit; FFK’s ex partner Precious pen down letter to her sons.



Precious Chikwendu has penned out a letter to her sons with her former partner former minister of aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode.

According to her, it saddened her that her sons who at 2 years of age were already walking and running around the pool are now being carried by nannies and not allowed to stand or feed themselves now that they are almost four.

She mentioned that she is saddened but she knows one day she would reunite with her kids and be able to hug them and make videos of them playing around.

Read her letter below;

“My darling triplet sons.
Today the 4/1/2022 i woke up so upset in my spirit. I’ve tried so hard to overlook certain treatments to you that has now become a norm which evidently is so unfair to you. The world and you have been told your mother s insane and incapable of looking after you, but your best moments were obviously with your mother. You weren’t caged like pets that are only to be displayed and not allowed freedom. At two years , you all were already walking as i made sure you were allowed freedom to ambulate and strengthen your limbs. Now i have to helplessly watch you all stagger whilst trying to walk with nannies and strangers at every visit carrying you in every pictures like handicapped kids .

I can share lots of videos that I personally made with the three of you running around both on ground and in a pool with your legs strong at 2years including these one I’ve got on this post. You will be 4years in 4months and still can’t be allowed to stand in pictures or feed yourselves? I am not even getting started on the trauma you are all managing unconsciously, wondering if you would ever see your mom again. As a your morher, this is troubling let alone for toddlers.

I pray every second for each one of you Aragorn , Ragnar , Adien and Liam.

You all are connected to me in spirit and i know you can feel my presence drawing closer seconds by seconds . Soon my boy, soon you would have that very constant love, eye contact, winks, giggles, warm kisses and wakeup pajamas dances that only mama gives you.
Love you bunch to infinity
Mama boys”

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