Bayelsa governor aid list 10 things Sammie Okposo should do after his infidelity for the pregnant woman.



Media aide to Bayelsa governor, Bodmas Kamapadei has listed 10 things popular gospel artist Sammie Okposo should do for the lady who he cheated with and who claimed to be pregnant for him.

He advised him to take full responsibility and seek his wife’s support.

He said;


1. He should end this public display of childishness and take full responsibility of his actions.

2. He should calmly inform his wife and seek her support to cater for the woman and his unborn child.

3. He should give glory to God for this perfect gift, the child is God’s blessing.

4. Inform his own family of the development and seek their support to visit the woman’s family.

5. He should officially present himself to the woman’s family and take full responsibility.

6. He should secure an apartment for the woman and place her under close watch.

7. Discuss and provide the needs of the woman.

8. Start planning for the arrival of the baby

9. Stop responding to negative stories and critics

10. Settle with his wife away from the public.

Apostle Bodmas Prince Kemepadei – Coordinator of the Sacred order of Egbesu brotherhood

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