A man saying let me ask my wife before making decisions isn’t a reflection of weakness; Reno Omokri.



Reno Omokri has taken to his social media to share one of his nuggets. He said a man saying he would ask his wife before making a decision isn’t a reflection of weakness but of wisdom.

See what he said below;

Dear husbands,

Saying ‘let me ask my wife’ before making decisions is not a reflection of weakness. It is actually a reflection of wisdom. Two heads are better than one. You as a man are likely to be logical. Your wife may be intuitive. She may see what you don’t see! It takes two eyes to see clearly. If you see through only one eye, your vision will be out of focus. Look back to all the decisions you took without asking your wife’s opinions. You will see many mistakes. She is your second intuitive eye”

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