Tega Dominic talks about what influences her decision to stay at home for her 30th birthday.



Big brother Naija ex housemate, Tega Dominic about how being at home for her 30th birthday even though she had planned to have a bash made her fulfilled.

See what she said below.

“Growing up I have only had fun in my first and second birthday, so while becoming, I said to my self I’ll feel fulfilled in my 30th, I didn’t know how or what was going to happen, for some reason I have always felt I’ll achieve something in my 30th then I can have a bash (I don’t do birthday bash).

So for this year, from losing my dad and all my experiences and then my 30th came, for some reason, I can’t tell I decided to be home, but I have never felt so fulfilled and at peace with myself like this new age.

I am grateful to God for bringing me this far, for life and sustaining me even when I don’t deserve it, keeping me in check mentally and otherwise, where my strength and energy comes from can only be God, THE ULTIMATE SOURCE, also thank you to the REAL T-HEARTS & TEAGANS for always letting me know I was built for this, I wish to call names but thank you, thank you everyone for all the love and best wishes I really do appreciate, THANK YOU!!!”

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