Please Invest; Timaya advises youths.



Popular singer Timaya has advised youths to invest. He said this at a recent event in Lagos.

He said people can only call the shots when they have money, so they should invest and believe in themselves.

“Please invest. Don’t be a foolish person o, because if you are broke, nobody will pick your call. I am begging you, my knees are down, please. Nobody loves anybody, just get your money right and go home.

When you have your money you can call the shots. Tell yourself ‘I must be focused.’ Say, ‘in this 2022 it shall be right with me’.” From the bottom of my heart, thank you for always being my fan. But you must promise me something, that thing you believe in, you must always want to achieve it, believe in yourself.

I was a dirty smelling boy, I dey sell plantain before, but today I am young and rich and if you know say I suffer before put your hands together for yourself.”

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