Kemi Adetiba shower praises on Sola Sobowale as she celebrates her 54th birthday.



Kemi Adetiba has showered praises on Sola Sobowale as she celebrates her 54th birthday. According to her, she has immense respect for the great actress and would continue to do so.

“In our first KOB DOCUMENTARY (directed by Ama Psalmist & coming out exclusively to NETFLIX in a few weeks) I was asked to elaborate on my relationship with Sola Sobowale. My response? It’s a complicated one. It’s complicated because we don’t just have a working/professional/Director to actor relationship.

“Aunty Sola/Aunty S/Aunty Solster/Solly-Baby also plays the roles of my confidant, big sis, Aunty, jnr mommy. I TRUST her with EVERY fiber & blood vessel in my body.

“I also know with EVERYTHING IN ME that the fastest way to have her wrath descend on you (and trust me – you don’t want to experience this wrath) is to try hurt me in ANY way. She doesn’t even wait to let me know. She’ll sort it out and YOU right from source.

“The MAGIC about her KOB performances comes from our chemistry, love and trust in one another. Also immense respect. And this goes both ways. Sola Sobowale respects me as much as I respect her. When we are on set, I could ask her to JUMP… And all she’d say is “How High?”.

“She never lets our personal relationship, or her super celebrity status, colour or threaten the hold I have on the entire set. I’m the leader… And she trusts me so much, she follows blindly and is willing to do anything for production. She’ll always my untainted LOVE and respect for this. She’s the DiCaprio to my Scorcese.

“In return for this blind trust and respect she shows me, it is EXTREMELY important that I pay service to that incredible talent of hers. I receive it from her like a fragile egg, cradle it, polish it, and serve the bejeweled version to you all on screen. That trust, love, respect, and self sacrifice is what you all see on screen.

“This is a tag team that is fortified in fire & will last several decades. Next year alone, we are in production for another big title together, asides KOB 3 & I can’t wait to do more & more and more with her.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the undisputed King of Nigerian cinema. One of the only ones with the power and talent to straddle across different ages and demographics. A box-office Queen. A HEADLINER – not just by name, but crowd response too – the greatest to do it – SOLA SOBOWALE!!

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