Kano’s governor was caught on camera stashing bribe in dollars, has Hisbah interrogated him?; Reno reacts to Hisbah’s decision to interrogate Miss Nigeria and her parents.



After Hisbah‘a claim that the present Miss Nigeria, 18 year old Garko Shatu contesting in the beauty pageant is haram in Islam, Reno Omokri has reacted to their statement.

He said Kano’s Governor was found stashing bribes in dollars, he then asked if the governor has been interrogated.

“’Kano’s Hisbah want to interrogate, Miss Nigeria, Shatu Garko, and her parents, over her unIslamic participation in Miss Nigeria? Wonderful! Kano’s Governor was caught on camera stashing bribes in dollars. Has the Hisbah interrogated him? What happened to the Hisbah commander that was caught in a hotel with a married woman in February? Or they think we have forgotten? Perhaps the Hisbah commander was teaching the married woman bedroom Hisbah? Or are those acts not unIslamic?”

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