I Have Always Looked At The Success Of KOB As A Win For The Entire Nollywood Industry – Titi Kuti



“Till I die Oba”, those words live rent free in my head. Titi Kuti embodied Ade tiger’s role so well that it earned him recognition along with a whole lot of fans.

In the first part of King of Boys, the character of “Ade Tiger” went unnoticed, then gradually, Ade Tiger became one of the lead characters in the return of King of Boys. This character development left most of us wondering he is, why so fine? was he in the first part of KOB?

We also realised that Titi Kuti isn’t just a talented actor, he has been behind the scenes as a filmmaker.

Now you understand why we just had to bring him on Glance for you all.

Tell us about Titi Kuti, education, place of origin, etc.

Titi Kuti is an actor, producer, content creator and all round media practitioner. Studied Industrial Relations And Personnel Management in Lagos State University, originally from the Kuti family in Ogun State (also first dwellers in Lagos), born and raised in Lagos Nigeria.

How did acting begin for you?
It started from Modelling (TVC Format was my first taste of being in front of the camera as a performer. This was between 2003 and 2009)
Tell us about the projects you’ve worked on recently as an Actor and filmmaker
KOB 1 & 2 as an actor and Locations resource person, Palace series as an actor, African Magic Hustle as an associate producer and actor, Living In Bondage,Locations Manager (Lagos), Power of 1 movie, Production Manager, Nigerians got talent (NGT) season 2 – Production Manager, Football Legends Nigeria, Production Manager/ Special Props co ordinator, Looking for Love reality show – Line producer.
Are you related to Fela Kuti
Yes, but I am Not his son.

You killed the role of Ade Tiger in King of Boys; What was the most challenging part of playing Ade tiger?
Every part of filming KOB had enormous challenges (a clear case of “he that dares the impossible should prepare for impossible challenges). but I would say that the most difficult part was the fact that I remained in character the majority of time even when I was not shooting.
You are involved in almost every aspect of filmmaking, tell us about it and which is your favorite.
I Started from modelling, evolved to being a presenter on Nigezie Tv, became the producer of my own show (top 10 Nigeria), shortly after I became the Head of Production & Channel Manager, then evolved to big format production for the better part of another 5 to 6 years before coming back to television format and acting. It’s been quite a journey, and I would say each sector has provided a unique opportunity to serve with my craft. I would not say any one is my favorite, my love for the craft is all encompassing.
What area would you like to improve as an actor?
Every area. The development process never stops. We keep building
What would you say influenced your passion for acting and getting into the Entertainment Industry?
Pure passion for craft, creativity and most importantly expression.
What’s something we should know about you that might surprise us?
My first career love was actually the military (I still get tempted towards it from time to time)
What’s the weirdest question you’ve been asked?
Are you gay?
What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory?
When i was beaten 5 consecutive times by the same child hood bully (I always went back to fight him) from the 6th time though he started running from me anytime he saw me.
Internationally; which Actor would you like to work with? And in Nigeria? Why?

Internationally, Samuel L Jackson, Denzel Washington and Jim Carey (because of their Unique stories), for Nigeria, I am open to working with any and all of my colleagues.
Apart from OBA, Which character was your favorite in King Of Boys?
Too many of them, everybody did amazing, but by top 4 will be, Jumoke Randle, Young Eniola, Aare and Dapo Banjo

How different is Titi Kuti from Ade Tiger?

Many different ways. Titi Kuti is who I am, ADE Tiger is a character created in a film for viewers experience. I am not a JÀNDÙKÚ (bandit) neither do I operate in the underworld lol.

There may be a few similarity traits in our codes (not deliberate, if at all it’s a pure coincidence) but it is not uncommon for that to happen in filming too, such traits will resonate more while delivering the character.

Would you say being on King of Boys gave you more recognition as an Actor?
Sure, and I am very grateful for the opportunity, how ever I have always looked at the success of KOB as a win for the entire industry, a defining moment at a crucial time in Nollywood, so it has always been beyond me or my success as an individual actor.

Outside of acting and filmmaking, do you have any other major interests or passions?

Military, Aviation (Pilot ) or both. I also have keen humanitarian interests in philanthropy and multiculturalism which I am pursuing.


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