Gospel singers Nikki Laoye and Soul Snatcha get engaged.



Gospel singer Nikki Laoye got engaged with fellow gospel singer Soul Snatcha.

Sharing the news on his social media while also celebrating Nikki who turned 41 today, Soul Snatcha said;

”@NikkiLaoye How is it that you turn 41 today and get The Fantastic Four and One added to you ?
Maybe it’s because we have been friends for about 20 years ,
or maybe it’s because of your selflessness or the way you hopped on a plane to help with the children

or it could be the way you are with the children and how much they love you or probably how we both didn’t see this coming.

God just has a funny way of doing what He does.

It’s funny how you went from “ah that’s my sister nau” to “there goes my baby “

God sent you at the right time To be a help that’s suitable .

Unknown to both of us, He sent you to mend a broken heart.

As you turn Forty One today ,accept these gifts of Us – The Fantastic Four and One.

I’m excited to see where this new assignment leads, I guess this means I have been sentenced to a life time of grudgingly making Tik Tok videos (Lord help me)

Happy birthday Pretty Nikki ,I Love You ..We Love you so much #NikkiLaoyeAt41 #MeetTheSnatchas”

Nikki got divorced from her husband in 2018 ans Soul Snatcha lost his wife in 2019.

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