Don’t give money to any lady this Christmas; Apostle Suleiman.



The head of Omega Fire International Ministry (OFM) Apostle Suleiman, has asked guys not to give any woman money this Christmas season. According to him, if any woman is putting a man under pressure this December, the man should put off his phone and put it on again in January.

He said this while speaking at a church service on Sunday.

“A young man meet a lady and the next thing she said is, what will you give me? Is relationship a business transaction? If a lady ask you what you will give her, you too ask her what she will give you or what has she given you. Don’t neglect your mother and gives money to a lady you’re not married to.

I’m advising you so that you won’t spend your Christmas in pain. Your mother is in the village, your siblings have not eaten, your parent are stranded yet you’re gathering Christmas money to give to a lady you’re not married to.

Can I give you an advice? If anyone is putting you under pressure this December, turn off your phone and put it on in January, if you can’t handle pressure. Only turn it on if you want to talk to people that are relevant. Don’t give money to any lady this Christmas, take care of your family”

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