Dissent or differences in opinion won’t affect our fortune in 2023; APC governors.



The governors elected on the All Progressive Congress (APC) has said the crisis witnessed by the party won’t affect their fortunes in 2023 election.

This statement was made by the chairman of the Progressive Governors Forum (PGF) Atiku Bagudu who is also the Governor of Kebbi State on the 22nd of December, while addressing the state house correspondents.

He said;

“First, let us know that the distinction between democracy and possibly other forms of government is that there will be differences of opinion and the hope that such differences of opinion will from time to time bring out the best or move society forward.

“We have been a party that recognizes that there will never be one voice and we don’t pray that there will be one voice. We pray that people should be able to express themselves, bring different ideas, even when they conflict with ideas within the systems. In democracy, you sit and iron them out.

“To suggest that because there is dissent or differences in opinion, that it will affect the fortunes of our party, I think that is quite far-fetched. 

“We are a party that recognizes that for us to continue to deliver, we must debate, we must compete, and we must bring ideas to government.”

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