Out Of 12 Conditions, Twitter Has Only Met 10; Lai Mohammed On Why Twitter Is Still Banned.



Lai Mohammed has come to address the twitter ban while responding to a question asked by a participant at Nigeria International Partnership Forum In Paris.

He said twitter was not banned, but rather suspended and out of the 12 issues raised and conditions given, twitter has met 10 and yet to meet 2 which is while the ban is not yet resolved.

Read what he said here;

“I want to categorically say that Twitter was not banned by Nigera, it was only suspended. So, Twitter was never banned, it was suspended.

“Also, the suspension has nothing to do with President Muhammadu Buhari.

“The correspondences between us and Twitter have reached advanced stage. I want to say that the correspondences and the exchanges have been fruitful.

“But we have a few more issues to resolve. Out of about 12 conditions, Twitter has been able to meet 10.

“Very soon, all issues will be resolved in a way that it will be good for both our country and Twitter.”

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