Laura Lentz, Wife Of Hillsong Pastor Sacked For Sexual Abuse, Battles Depression and Anxiety and PTSD.



Laura Lentz, wife of pastor Carl Lentz a former Hillsong pastor who was fired from the church for sexual abuse has come out to share how she’s battling with depressed and PTSD and how’s she’s suffering and wouldn’t wish her journey on someone else.

Talking about scrolling through many pieces, she said; “when I asked his wife about it, she told me the name was beautiful scars…. I started to cry. “

“It may not mean much to you but this past year was a doozy for our family.

“I have dealt with so much personally. I have never experienced anxiety or PTSD until this year! I have struggled with a mild depression for many years, but this year it got to be so bad that there were days I didn’t want to get out of bed.”

“Every day I feel the trauma, the thoughts and memories.

“Although I wouldn’t wish my journey on my worst enemy (I apparently have a few), I would not change my story!!

“I know as I continue on my journey of healing, learning to put myself first, focus on my family and grow in my marriage, I can use my story so far to help someone else.”

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