It’s What Pastor Says To Get The Money, I Have A Problem With; Daddy Freeze Replies Lady Who Talked About Giving Pastor’s Money Like Davido.



Daddy Freeze has replied to a Christian lady who criticized people who have no problem with giving Davido money but a lot with giving Men of God money.

She said;

“Davido posted his account number and y’all have been sending him money, but if it was a pastor agenda will start agending..

The same reason y’all are giving to him is the same reason we give to our men of God. VALUE!”

Daddy Freeze responded, stating he has no problem with giving men of God money, he only has a problem with what they say to get the money.

He said;

”There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving a pastor money, even if he wants to clear a Rolls Royce like Davido.

It’s what the pastor says to obtain the money, that I have issues with. Many would say that you won’t make heaven if you don’t give them money, or when you give them you are giving to God, or even tie your blessings to giving them money, that’s where I have a problem.”

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