I’ll personally make sure this doesn’t occur; Davido speaks on the money not getting to the orphanages.



With many people stipulating that the 250 million donated to orphanages by the singer Davido would most likely not get to the orphanage or if it does it might be used by the matrons and leaders of the orphanages for themselves instead of the children, Davido has said he would make sure it does not happen.

Replying to a tweet of someone who voiced out how her mother was embittered that the money might not reach the children.

”I told mum what Davido did and I’ve never seen her revolt so passionately against something. She said the money won’t get to the children cos welfare officers steal all. I hate Nigeria. She said its so bad that nurses never want to leave welfare homes when they’re posted there.”

Davido has replied that he would make sure such a thing does not happen

”I will personally make sure this doesn’t occur !! I put that on my life!”

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