I resented you for a week or more after the birth of her child; Khafi to her husband Gedoni.



Big brother Naija ex-housemate and new mother Khafi has taken to her Youtube vlog to talk about how she resented her husband the first week of their baby’s birth, especially as she was alone in London and he could not join her. She said seeing him going out with friends for drinks in Nigeria furthermore fuel the resentment.

she told her husband Gedoni;

“The 1st week or even maybe more than that, I actually had a really strong resentment towards you…I’m not going to lie I was hurt that I was doing this for my self, I was seeing you going out having drinks with people, I’ve just given birth and you’re out there just having drinks with people. I just felt very upset that hey my body system has just gone through a wreck and my husband is living his best life”,




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