I miss waking up to guitar strings; Sound Sultan’s wife celebrates his posthumous birthday.



It’s late singer sound sultan’s birthday today and his wife Farida has taken to her social media to celebrate his 45th birthday posthumously .

She wrote;

“Olanrewaju Fasasi “Oko Farida…

I miss your cheeky gap-toothed smile…I miss your jokes…I miss waking up to guitar strings…Even more, I miss our inside jokes…

It’s your birthday today. I’ll forever celebrate all that you’ve been to me. I love you, forever and always lnna lillahi wa Inna ilayhi rajiun”.

Sound Sultan died on the 11th of July, 2021 at the age of 44 years Angioimmunoblastic T- Cell Lymphoma in the United States of America and was buried few hours later according to Muslim rites.

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