I have never never done my ass; Toyin Lawani.



Popular stylist Toyin Lawani known also as Tiannah’s empire has come out to reveal that she has never done her ass following speculations of her having her ass donShe said she fears the side effects so much, that she would literally never do her ass. Read what she said here

“My Dm is crawling mad with funny Question. oh lord, there are so many people out there who still believe anything they read on social media, see I don’t have any surgeon to send you to for your Ass, cause the honest truth is this, and I say it all the time as I’m very open to surgeries I have had, so I talk about them.

“I have never done my ass and will never do my ass as I’m worried about the complications and the fact that you will have to continuously redo it if anything goes wrong, or before left yansh go and be bigger than Right yansh.

“yes I have had Lipo on the stomach years ago and breast implants due to the Lumps removal from my breast which disfigured it and it was reconstructed.

“I have had for 15years and for safety I have renewed once after 10years from another surgeon Dr. ASLAN , if you can’t maintain it don’t go into it, Be safe and get enlightened don’t go and fall inside gutter because someone Mis informed you.

“And to everyone asking if you can breastfeed with implants, yea you can, I breastfed my son after my implants and I’m still breastfeeding my Daughter too, for the safest implants try cohesive gel, they are like gummy bears, won’t leak easily and they are safer.

“It’s children of nowadays that are freaked out about surgeries, see he don tey, na we open their eyes.

“Ignore my husband’s leg, he’s just testing the waves”.

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