DPO hit in the head with stones, sustain injuries as he tries to settle fight between two secondary school in ogun state.



Mr Alimeke Ignatius the Divisional Police Officer(DPO) of Obantoko Division ha sustained an injury to his head while his team were trying to quench the free for all fight that happened between the students of Egba Comprehensive High School and Asero High School In Abeokuta Ogun state.

The students were said to be throwing stones and other objects at themselves, blocking the road and causing tension in the area. The DPO led his men to the place in order to quell the fire and in the process was hit by stones thrown by the student which caused a grievous injury. He was then rushed to a hospital for treatment.

The spokesperson of the state police command, Abiola Oyeyemi has said the students cannot be arrested as they are still minors but they can only be detained and counseled, after which they would be released,

He said;

“The DPO was hit by stones. The students were throwing stones and other objects at themselves during the fight.

We cannot arrest the students because they are minors. We can only detain and counsel them, after which they will be released”

The state Chairman of Police Community Relations Commitee (PCRC) has condemned the act saying it is uncivilized and unwarranted and if not quickly checked, may portray great danger for the future of the country.

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