Top Five Music To Listen To If You Are Single And Looking For The Ginger To Get Into A Relationship



1. Lonely by Joeboy

This is a perfect music to set you in a romance and relationship seeking mode, by the time you get to that part that says “I don’t wanna be lonely, lonely tonight,” then you will realize you actually need to be in a relationship

2. Somebody’s Son by Tiwasavage

If you are a female, by the time you would sing that part that says “somebody’s son go love me one day,” like three times, you’ll truly be ready to allow somebody’s son love you and stop sending away everyone that comes to your DM and if you are a guy, by that time, you’ll be ready to be the somebody’s son loving another woman’s daughter.

3. Essence by Wizkid featuring Tems

“You don’t need no other body,” it is at this point you’ll realize nobody actually owns the body in the first place. And if nobody owns the body, how then will someone stroke it? This is a perfect song for you if you want to get into a relationship

4. For You by Teni featuring Davido

Nothing else can prepare you for sharing your things with your partner like this song. Anytime you say “All my ego na for you,” you are unconsciously telling yourself you are ready to share everything with your partner and this is why we recommend this song.

5. Running To You by Chike featuring Simi

This song prepares you in advance to always be there for your partner, it’s preparing you for taking on responsibilities and being supportive and by the time you are listening to this song, you are getting ready to be there for someone else and not just yourself.

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