National Assembly Faults 2022 Allocation For Lawmakers In The Budget.



The spokesman for the house of representative Benjamin Kalu while distributing the allocation made mention of how low it was. He noted that there was an increase from #484.49 to #768.28 yet it did not reflect in the amount that comes to the house. He said;

“This concerns the House. It concerns the House because, the statutory transfer as we have mentioned, there is an increase from N484.49 billion to N768.28 billion and that is a reflection of 58.7 percent increase; an increase of about N283.79 billion. Do you know that this increase does not reflect in the amount that comes to the National Assembly?”

But remember, when we had a budget with lower aggregate expenditure, it was reduced from N150 billion to N128 billion though, we have the challenges our forex and the challenges of the purchasing power of the currency; what we have is N134 billion? Do you know what N134 billion represents for the statutory transfer?

Let me give you this example; in 2019, we had N125 billion given to the NASS and that is at the level of 1.42 percent of the N8.83 trillion.

In 2020, we had N128 billion given to National Assembly. That was a reduction from 1.42 to 1.18 percentage of that N10.8 trillion.

In 2021, we were given N134 billion which now represents 0.98 percent of N13.1 trillion but this year, we are given N134 billion again which is now representing 0.82 percent here,”

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