Escae Benin University Honours Kaffy with Doctorate Degree



Nigerian Dancer and dance Instructor, Kafayat Shafau-Ameh, popularly known as Kaffy has been decorated by Escae Benin University with a Honorary Doctorate in recognition as a ‘pioneer in the business of dance in Africa’

She shared the exciting news on her Instagram page, dedicating the award to “everyone that can dare to dream”. She wrote:

This moment right here brought tears to my eyes as I reflected and had my life do a major replay of all the struggles, pain and negative perceptions I have had to overcome to see this day .

As a child I looked through the Guiness book of world records and 18 years later I broke a Guiness world record

As a teenager I pictured my face on bill boards and on tv and I saw it happen, I lived it.

I watch Movies and motivational speeches done in the honorary gown of a doctorate honor and here I am honored with the least likely career choice.

I have heard so many doubts that through dance I can amount to nothing not to talk of being celebrated or honored on this level In fact on many levels.

I am here surrounded by Academics honoring me not for a certificate but for the application of every ounce of knowledge I have acquired in life both in school and on the street.



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