#BBNaija Day 20 – A whole new dynamic



The Housemates seem to be in good spirits when they are together, despite the fact that they know that someone will be going home on Sunday. Because of this, they have decided to live every day as if it was the last in the House and finally enjoy themselves.

Lucy has started enjoying herself

Lucy spent so much time yesterday talking to the other Housemates and making happy and decent conversation with them. Starting from the conversation in the bedroom this evening about relationship triangles and pyramids she seems to be opening up now, properly. After the games we spotted her chatting to Neo for more than 30 minutes, talking about her preferences in relationships. She was also very vocal with the group outside when they had a short session about what they missed most about being in the outside world. Though this is a good start for Lucy, and a welcome change from her sulking, some of you had some comments of your own, for instance, seem to know something we don’t know:

Is it the Waya’s, Kidrica or Kiddrica?

Even though there were threats of the Kiddrica ship sinking this week, the couple seems to have come back from the depths, stronger and harder than before. The two can be seen together most of the time, cuddling and kissing, and seem quite impenetrable right now. Time will tell, but do you think that this ship is now finally sailing?

Laycon opens up to Tolanibaj

Speaking of Kiddrica, tonight Laycon managed to open up to Tolanibaj about his love for Erica. Of course, he told her the same things he has told everyone else, but we saw him open up to Tolani about it. Another thing we heard was, according to Laycon, Erica was interested in Laycon before he was interested in her. He maintains that he is happy for her, and at least today he made a new friend to talk to about it.

Wathoni spends time with Prince

Tonight we caught sight of Wathoni and Prince happily playing games through the afternoon. could this be the reason Wathoni is not bothered by the other girls tonight? Perhaps she has gotten her fill now and is happier with the way things are working. Prince seemed to enjoy her company too. Not that we are saying there is a ship there, but there is definitely less drama

Nengi and Ozo seem to be sailing at full speed

Team Ozone, let’s see what happens this weekend. When the couple started talking more this week, after Ozo chose Dorathy for Deputy HoH, the voices of those rooting for the couple came to the fore. Even though Kiddwaya told Nengi yesterday to flirt with all the guys in the House, it seems that she has chosen to mostly flirt with one. The two spent all evening together yesterday, spending hours together on the hammock until they eventually retired. As usual, we wait and see.


Source – Africamagic/BBnaija

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