Busola Dakolo gives update on her rape case against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.



Busola Dakolo, wife of singer, Timi Dakolo, has
given an update on her rape case against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of Coza.

Recall that in June 2019, she publicly accused the pastor of violently raping her when she was a teenager and was worshipping in his church in Kwara state. She filed a suit against
him but it was thrown out by the court.

In an update posted this afternoon on her Instagram page, Busola shared a copy of the letter she received from the police stating they have completed investigations into the case and
have forwarded the case file to the Director of Public Prosecution of the Federation (DPPP) for legal advice and further necessary action.

She alleged the Ministry of Justice has since received the case file for Fatoyinbo’s prosecution but has remained silent. She said
her team has sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice over a month ago but no response yet.

She shared the letter the police sent to her with the caption;

”It is now officially one year after since I came
out and told the most important story of my
life up until this point. That when I was a
teenager, Biodun Fatoyinbo violently raped me.

It wasn’t just me. In the media, on social
platforms and in private, women have been
sharing stories of how this man either
destroyed their lives or tried to.

A lot has happened in that time: and my heart
is glad that consciousness continues to be
raised about the great evil that sexual abuse is,
and how widespread it is, and how much
women are at risk, and why we need to ensure
justice for those who find the strength to speak

Awareness is victory. But we are pushing to
another even great victory: Justice.

When the courts last year decided to rule in
favour of the man who assaulted me, people
were crestfallen. I understood.

What they didn’t know however is that before
we even began, we had been prepared for a
long haul battle that may take years because
the Nigerian legal system isn’t wired to help
sexual abuse victims get justice.

Today, I have a major update. The police has
concluded its investigation. And handed over its
report to the Ministry of Justice in Abuja for
onward prosecution of Biodun Fatoyinbo. He
clearly has a case to answer.

But there has been silence from the ministry.
Silence. A loud silence!

We have written a letter but for over a month
we have no response.

Instead, my lawyers and my family have heard
about all manner of manipulation and foul play
being attempted to stop the ministry from
beginning prosecution immediately.

Or even to get the police report

My name is Busola Dakolo, a survivor of one of
the most horrific acts -rape. My voice will not
be shut down. My case will not be silenced. I
am thankful to those in and out of the police,
the ministry and the corridors of power who
have called in solidarity and to reassure me
that they are monitoring the ministry of justice
and that this pressure to bury the case will not

I am updating the Nigerian public because you
all made my story matter. You joined me to say
enough is enough. With you, this has been an
easier process.”

Read the letter below:

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