10 essential rules for healthy living



Good health and living healthy can never be overrated and while everyone wants to live healthy, many people don’t know how to, which is why I’m sharing with us the 10 essential rules of good health.

  1. Acknowledge the fact that there is living good and living healthy; There is a huge difference between living good and living healthy. When you live good, you feed and want to have a taste of everything that comes your way because you have access to y and you can afford them. But when you live healthy, although you know you have access to certain things, you don’t go for them because they in one way or the other would affect your health
  2. Find a work of you like to do and stick with it; Know what’s crazy? People spend a lot of time doing things they absolutely hate. For absolutely no reason. Instead of dragging yourself to the gym for a HIIT class you despise, find something you get excited about doing. When you discover your perfect fit, you’ll actually want to work out and you’ll get into a routine that will keep you feeling top-notch now and in years to come.
  3. Eat healthy; don’t just eat anything and everything that comes your way, but eat healthy as healthy eating helps to keep you in top-notch shape and ensure optimal health.
  4. Make adequate sleep a priority; yes, stop depriving yourself of sleep, make sleeping 8 hours a day a very important think to do as it helps refreshes the brain and the body system and thus keep them in perfect working conditions.
  5. Drink a lot of water daily; It can’t be overemphasized the benefits of drinking water. Water helps to keep the body fresh and hydrated and brings out the glow of the skin. Water as much as eating right gives the skin a different type of glow.
  6. Meditate daily; Daily meditation helps to engage the mind, keep it active and task the brain Plus, you’ll get rid of stress and anxiety in the process, which will make you happier, sleep better, and feel more youthful overall.
  7. Take the stairs, exercise your body; Exercise helps to keep the body in shape, active and working. With excess, you get rid of excesses in the body and you age more slowly.

8. Develop a Positive Mind & Self Imag; a healthy life begins on the inside. When you power up your mind with positive thoughts and energy, it will empower you to change your life in a positive way, to positively shape your life, to help you create, live and enjoy the life you’ve always dreamed of. Loving yourself is a key to a healthy, happy lifestyle. Self-esteem is all about how much people value themselves; the pride they feel in themselves, and how worthwhile they feel. Self-esteem is important because feeling good about yourself can affect how you act.

  1. Say no to junk; eating junk food feels good in the moment, but it does the body more harm than good. Instead of filling up on sugar and processed foods, nourish your body with other sweet treats. You can make a healthier version of any of your vices, whether it’s your go-to ice cream or candy bar.
  2. Make the doctor your friend; never get tired of dropping by at the hospital for check ups, it never hurts and it does a whole log of good.

So, the thing is while living health is the best, it’s never easy to do because it takes a lot of conscious effort and that the part where many fail. Put in that effort today and start living healthy.

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