Instagram creators can now monetize their live videos.



Instagram is introducing ways for creators to make money from two of its main video features.

The Facebook-owned app on Wednesday announced that it will start running advertisements in IGTV.

Its home IGTV ads and Live badges are part of a suite of monetization tools for creators long-form videos, and sharing that revenue with creators. This marks the first time Instagrammers will be able to monetize their IGTV videos. Instagram is also introducing paid badges during live streams that will give fans a way to directly support their favorite creators.

“Creators are such an important part of Instagram, so we continue to look at ways of allowing creators to turn their passions into livings on the platform,” Jim Squires, vp business and media, tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Beginning next week, 15-second ads will play after people click to watch full-length IGTV videos from the preview in their feeds.

Instagram is treating the early rollout of IGTV ads as a test and will only make the product available to a small group of marketers and creators.

IGTV ads and Live badges are part of a suite of monetization tools for creators.

Instagram has also introduced a shopping feature in Live in which creators can tag products for people to buy directly from the videos. It also offers a marketplace to connect creators to brands. Both features are expected to roll out more widely in the coming months.



Source – Hollywood Reporter

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