Feminine Hygiene Tips For Every Woman.



Maintaining a good hygiene should be every woman’s priority as it doesn’t only make you look nice, but equally boost your confidence. So what are those feminine hygiene tips?

Well, the tips are not difficult, they are just what we neglect to do most times. So ride on to discover these tips.

• Wash everyday; this perhaps is the easiest and simplest of all the tips. Washing everyday helps to remove diets from the skin, keeping the skin clean and fresh at all times and also the vagina. Washing the vagina prevent it from being dirty and becoming a house for infections.

Eat right; eating right(adequate diet) do the body a lot of good. It gives the body nutrients which brings about that skin glow. It equally prevents obesity

•Try pH balanced feminine wash; Regular soaps and shower gels aren’t designed to be used on your vagina. That’s because they have a pH level of acidity – designed for the surface of your skin. However, your skin has a pH of 5.5, whereas a healthy vaginal pH level ranges from 3.8 to 4.5. Altering the pH of your vagina can upset its delicate bacterial balance in your vagina that keeps it healthy and free of infection. Instead, try a special “soap” intended just for your lady parts. You can find specially designed women’s hygiene washes at the shop in the feminine care section that are pH-balanced for your vagina.

Wear comfortable clothing; do you away with tight clothing, as tight clothing can bring about infections. Do not wear tight clothes like spandex or synthetic pants for long, and change immediately after working out, else the sweat can potentially lead to vaginal infections. Use clean cotton based underwear for daily use. Make sure to change your clothes and underwear since they may get sweaty after a sport or physical activity.

•Wipe correctly; Once you are done using the washroom and taking a shower, follow the thumb rule of wiping front to back in order to avoid letting bacteria from your anal region move towards the vagina, which may lead to urinary infections.

• Hygiene during menstruation; this is very important. During menstruation, avoid using a pad for the whole day(change pads after 5-6 hours) and avoid wearing the same pant while after changing pads. Most importantly, avoid engaging in douching to prevent pelvic inflammatory diseases. It is also advised to not clean the vagina from the inside as it may increase the risk of cervical cancer. 

•Be careful when shaving; if you do shave, it’s important to ensure you’re doing it correctly. First, you always want to use a clean razor. Do “not” share your razor with anyone. Sharing a razor will increase the risk of you catching an infection and/or virus. It’s boring ti rush about, do not rush while shaving.

•Keep hydrated; you want to stay hydrated. Maintaining a good diet and regularly drinking water will help you have good feminine hygiene. You want to consume lots of fruits and vegetables, and also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and flush out toxins that can cause odor.

•Use fresh towels; before cleansing your vagina, you should always use a clean towel. When you reuse towels, this can put you at risk for an infection or other problems with your vaginal health. Damp towels can be a house for bacterial and this spread to the vagina while cleaning.

•Visit your doctor; schedule a visit to your gynecologist once in a while for checkups. Your doctor would give you valuable information on how to keep healthy as a woman.

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