Cynthia Morgan, apologizes to Jude Okoye and her former manager – Reintroduces herself as The Medrina in an open letter



Two days after responding to the allegations made by Cynthia Morgan, Jude Okoye released the contract the singer signed with Northside Entertainment. Jude Okoye, shared copies of the 2013 contract with dancehall/reggae singer, Cynthia Morgan. After she alleged that her stage name was taken away from her and that she no longer had access to her social media accounts following her exit from the former record label, Northside Entertainment. She said she lost all she had, including her name, VEVO account, and royalties after they had some issues concerning her contract.

Jude Okoye responded to the allegations in an Insta live interview with Tunde Ednut denied taking over her Instagram and Twitter accounts, he, however, admitted that he took over her VEVO account, adding that it was a means of recovering over N40m he spent on her. He also promised to release copies of the contract Cynthia Morgan signed in 2013 with his Northside Entertainment.

Cynthia Morgan, has now penned an open apology to music executive, Jude Okoye and her former manager, Joy Tongo, after copies of her contract were published online accompanied with a heavy backlash for attempting to gain online empathy.

Cynthia took to her page on Instagram to share a written apology.  She also appreciated all her supporters, media houses, Jude Okoye, her ex-manager, Joy Tongo and Davido

According to her, she allowed the hurt and pain from past dealings take over her emotions, and she asked for understanding and patience from everyone supporting her. She also used the medium to formally introduce herself as ‘The Madrina’.

Read the letter below:

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