COVID-19: Useful skills to learn



While we keep encouraging people to stay at home while the pandemic virus is tackled, we will also acknowledge the fact that it will not be an easy feat. Staying in one place for a long period of time with no activity to while away the time is almost like torture itself. Everyone must try to find one or two activities that will help to keep both their mind and body busy during this period. There are lots of activities that can be done indoors which ranges from games, chatting, internet browsing, reading etc. For those that have been trying to improve theirselves in different ways but have not been able to, this is the perfect opportunity to do that. Make something positive out of this turbulent and heartbreaking period. There are different ways to improve yourself, one of them include learning new useful skills which can be vital not only in your day to day life but also at your job. In this article, we will highlight some useful skills you can learn in a short time that can prove to be useful.

The first skill might sound peculiar, but it is of upmost important.1. Learning to learn: Knowing how your brain works is very important and will prove useful when you want to learn any skills. The truth is, as long as the skill you want to learn is not vital to your very existence, chances are you will not see it through and stop half way. Ask yourself this, how many skills have you started and stop halfway only to be discouraged or get too overwhelmed with other important activities? The problem is not that you don’t have the time, but it might be because you don’t understand how to learn.

Learning how to learn is a simple skill that will teach you how see through to a skill by optimising not only your time but also your brain, you can learn upto 10 skills in a day; only if you know how to learn.

I’ll like to add that, learning is different from studying. When you are learning, you are hoping to use this skill or knowledge in a practical use and not just to write it on a piece of paper for your lecturer or teacher to mark. Learning is a conscious effort to acquire a skill or knowledge you’re lacking. Studying is also acquiring of a skill, but students will agree with me most times, they only study what is essential in passing an exam or test.

2. Writing: This is an everyday skill, we write everyday. We write text messages, social media post etc. However, how about you take a step further and master this skill by making it your own. What do I mean?Writing is not a talent or secret, it is a skill honed from learning and experience. Every good writer started from writing mediocre works that required several editing. However, with time they got better and made several good books that everyone enjoys reading.

You can also be that writer, master the art of story telling in words and it will prove to be useful even if you don’t plan on becoming an author.

3. Reading: How many books have you started only to reach halfway and stop? Books are very important, the knowledge inside books can only be attained by reading them. However, reading books may not be as interesting or exciting as they sound; especially non fiction books. Therefore, whatever book you choose to read, learning how to read them and understand is quite important. Understanding a book is very different from reading it, you can only claim to gave read a book if you fully understand the message the writer is trying to pass.

This skill will help you reach the back page of every book you open with full assimilation.

4. Public speaking: This is very important and it is indeed a skill. Of course, some people are extrovert in nature and they master the art of public speaking through their nature as extroverts, but that shouldn’t stop you as an introvert to speak in public. Learn to address a crowd without looking down on your shoes with stiff shoulders!

Learn the “secret” behind speaking confidently in public, it will help you in many ways.

5. Coordination and Time management: Is your life always in a rush? Are you always rushing to class or work? Is 24 hours never enough for you? This is the perfect time to learn how to manage your time and coordinate your schedules.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, these are skills that will help you in your day to day activities. These are not skills that will increase your professional portfolio, but they will help to improve your persona. The best part of these skills is that, they are very easy to learn!Have fun learning and please STAY AT HOME:STAY SAFE!!

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