Coronavirus: What you should know!



Since the outbreak of the mysterious and deadly Corona virus (COVID-19), fear and panic has spread across the globe with major countries closing their borders to restrict movement and further spread of this virus. The cause of this virus is yet to be known but it is believed to have originated from Wuhan, China where it claimed the lives of over 3 thousand people. Today coronavirus has affected over 109 counties circulating all around the globe.

Coronavirus does not have a peculiar symptoms which makes it hard to detect. However, thanks to the observation and research of the research team, the symptoms of coronavirus has been confirmed to include fever, cough and shortness of breath. In elderly sick people, coronavirus is believed to cause other symptoms like chest pain and pneumonia. However, coronavirus does not cause sneezing, sore throat and running nose; in case someone sneezes behind you, don’t panic. You are still safe. Coronavirus has flu like symptoms, but after a week of infection, it leads to shortness of breath which will require the infected person to be hospitalized.

One of the widespread misinformation about coronavirus is the mode of transmission. Today, you see a lot of people with face mask covering their noses and mouths. This is a good preventive measure, however, this is not the only preventive measure that should be put in place because coronavirus is not an airborne virus. It is transmitted through primary contact or secondary contact of an infected victim. Discharges from a coronavirus victim like mucus, spit, sweat etc are modes in which the virus is transmitted from one victim to another. Therefore, the use of face mask might be overemphasised. Attention should be given more to hand sanitizers, these are the most effective form of prevention at the moment.

The cure for coronavirus is still in place but some countries have been able to quarantine and put a stop to the deadly virus rampage in their respective countries, giving the virus zero casualties. Countries like Germany, Sweden, Singapore, UAE, Nigeria etc have successfully contained the virus resulting to zero casualties so far.

The most effective way to combat coronavirus at the moment is to limit body contact with people, avoid touching items with your bare hands if you don’t know where they have been. Prevention is better than cure, Nigeria has survived lassa faver and Ebola virus; Coronavirus is an addition to the list. Take care of yourselves and spread the word! Hand sanitizers at this point is a must for everyone.

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