My recent designs, was me testing my limits and boundaries in fashion. – Da Seamstress



I remember being very emotionally upset about a lot of things that were not going as planned at the last quarter of the year 2019.

I isolated myself and decided to pour out my anger on a fabric and i ended up making a crazy pant which got the attention of an event organizer who requested i put up a fashion show at his upcoming event towards the end of that year.

I had no designs in mind but i have a gift of coming up with designs once i have a fabric with me.

I got a fabric and the idea for the first design was born.

My recent designs i would say, was just me testing my limits and boundaries in fashion; and i realised that there really is no bounds.

They all are my favourite piece of work.

Each design was inspired by my curiosity to do something new to whats already existing.

I got inspiration from the look of a chihuahua dog, I got inspiration from the picture of rocks placed over each other, i got inspiration from an unshaved feet of a horse, i got inspiration from a popular masquerade EPE.

Inspiration can come from anything if you open your eyes to things around you and even things you walk pass in split seconds.

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