Wale Jana Regrets Signing CeeC As A Brand Ambassador



The Sapphire scent Ceo took a swipe at Ceec while listing his mistakes of 2019.

Categorically stating he regrets bringing Cynthia Nwadora on board as his Brand Ambassador. He continued to say he has had more peace after Firing her and bringing BamBam and Regina Daniels on board.

In Wale Jana’s word,

You have to listen to me this morning because if you get it, you won’t make the mistakes I made. Today I am sharing on the mistakes of 2019

1. Getting short term investors; from 2016 till 2018, we were not really producing much all we did was sell but the moment we started branching out to lots of locations and producing more products we needed more time. Get investors who can give you at least 1 to 3 years. You will be happier.

2. Getting the wrong investment banker; there are lots of phony people out there who will collect money from you and tell you they can raise money for you. If they can’t show you at least 3 people they have raised money for don’t do business with them.

3. Signing the wrong brand ambassador; I hear people say we let her go because she didn’t support me. The truth is she had been a problem from the very beginning and we had fired her twice before that time. She had to fly to Abuja with her own money for our last event and she came to beg, I am surprised to hear that she left because she was too expensive 🤣🤣🤣We fought every time to get her to even post as an ambassador, you are just a one year old celebrity and you want to be competing with the Senior Prefect @tontolet she also couldn’t get along with anyone, it was always one drama or the other. When she left and @bammybestowed and @reginadaniels came on board we had peace and so much unity, our creativity also moved to the next level.

4. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate; I suddenly realized that I was running like 5 or more different companies; Sapphire Scents, Sapphire Time, Oju by Sapphire, Sapphire Jewels, Sapphire Apparel etc and it dawned me that I couldn’t cope any more. In 2020 I am hiring 4 managers and a CEO while I focus on making perfumes and promoting the brand.

Mistakes could be painful but that pain sets you straight, you will be smarter next time. Now I know what I wouldn’t do in 2020 and you should learn from this as well.

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