#Celebrities- Tonto Dikeh Battles ex-husband in court, over child’s neglect.



Arrested and detained in a Dubai prison five weeks ago when she was supposed to have attended the One Africa Music Fest and BamTeddy wedding, Tonto Dikeh was also charged to court but was later rescued from deportation/imprisonment by paying a fine.
Meanwhile, prior to the payment of fine in a Dubai court, Tonto who was granted bail, could not travel to Nigeria because her passport was seized and she had to report daily to the police in Dubai.

But the concern now is her son, King Andre.
The four-year-old son, a product of her marriage to businessman, Olakunle Churchill, not only lacked motherly care, King Andre is with a nanny that even his father cannot access.

“Tonto, who has the custody of the innocent boy, has stopped his father from seeing him and the estranged couple has been in court over the child’s custody since 2017,”

Tonto Dikeh still has her passport with the Police in Dubai and could not return to Nigeria. Tonto Dikeh still has an ongoing case in court and would not return to Nigeria for sometimes.
Now that she has been in Dubai for over five weeks and the innocent boy left with a nanny in Abuja, what should her family and that of her ex hubby do?

Even if the father wants to take the child to her in Dubai, the child’s passport has been deposited in a bank agreed on by the couple as instructed by the court. And the husband can not withdraw it alone!

Tonto, who has tried to liven up herself in Dubai, is an old image of herself. She not only has lost weight, she was complaining in an Instastory that she wants her fats back. She wrote that she is losing weight.

Now trying to be part of a female football group in Dubai, with the help of her current male friend over there, its obvious Tonto is stuck in that country!

Sources has gathered exclusively that Tonto’s ex husband, Churchill is heading for the court again.

Churchill is going back to court over the custody of the child since Tonto is stuck in Dubai. He is angry that she has been taking money for the son’s upkeep and refused to comply with the court rules and order. In fact, he has taken another step and decided to open a trust fund account for his son. This way, the money would be judiciously spent on the child.

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