Chinelo Ejianwu Chats With Glance Online



Yay! Who else is a fan of Lili of ‘My Siblings and I’ on Africa Magic like I am? well, If you are: then this interview should be a MUST READ for you!

Doe her answers were quite direct and straight to the point. We loved the fact that she was so pleasant. And we do hope you have fun getting to know Chinelo more.

We have seen you on our screens taking on different roles, most especially Lily on My Siblings and I. We probably know you by the characters you played. We’ll like to know you more, who really is Chinelo? Your Educational background, Where you from? How old are you? What’s your story in a Nutshell?

Acting began for me in 2010 with dear mother (soap Oprah) and that was before university. Took a long break after that to focus and school and got back fully on screen in 2017.

How would you describe your acting styles?

i would say as the spirit leads.i read in between the lines very well and I will deliver as thou the character was me.

In the Nigerian Entertainment world today. Who would you say inspires you to become more in terms of Acting?

Viola Davis.

Any real life actors nightmares so far?

Bills to pay are much,and actors pay sometimes is not so encouraging so having to over book and over work to keep up.

What role would you love to play that you haven’t yet?

Village novice .

How would you describe the entertainment industry currently? What would you like to change if you had the power?

Emmmm this one is long ooo. Well monogamy in the film distribution. You see platform to put our movies out there are few. So there are a lot of movies with literally no platform to show it. Now there comes producers producing with not knowing whether or not it will be bought. thereby  management becomes a norm, In case if it doesn’t get sold he has little to loose. So literally actors are payed with same management understanding.

What projects are you currently working on and what should we expect from you in 2020?

Currently working on a TV show titled MY SIBLINGS AND I and other projects i’m not allowed to mention yet.well. Expect more of me on your screens 

What would you say paved a way for your acting career?

consistency and learning did.

Tell us 5 things people don’t know about you?

Emmm 5 things? That’s a lot nahh. Lol

Well I don’t like to cook. Most times I lie that I don’t know how to but I’m actually a fantastic cook.

I love native igbo foods. Like them Abacha and Ugba, roasted boli and beans,soaked cassava flakes and coconut and so on.

I crave munchies a lot at night.

Aside acting what other talents have you explored?

Well aside acting I’m a hair stylist and I have my own hair studio..

Are you single?

Emm I would rather keep it private 

Describe your life using movie titles.

Well no movie title is coming to my head but I would say happy moments and sad moments and I always keep the happy moments with me

Your current screen saver?

it’s me in a bathing suit.

Dark room or Bright Room?

Both!! Depending on how I am feeling at that moment.

Movies or music?

Why do I have have to choose thou. Bothhh. But music is life shaaa..

YOUR Nigerian MCM?

My boo.



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