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My siblings and I has gradually become every family’s delight. And somehow found it’s way to the hall of fame of Nigerian Tv Series.

We recently had a chat with one of the cast that have made this program a must watch, she is Jessica Orishane.

We know you as Nnenna on My Siblings and i. But who is Jessica Orishane?

Jessica Orishane is a work in progress. 

Where are you from, How old are you? Educational background? 

 I am from Isoko-South, Delta State , Nigeria. I just turned 21 this November (yaaayyyy). I just wrote my final exams and defended my Project in the department of Creative Arts ,University of Lagos and pretty soon I can proudly call myself a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts. 

How did acting begin for you? Tell us your story in a nutshell. 

Well, Acting began as an extra-curricula activity for me in school and church from primary school. By the time I entered Jss1 acting graduated to an accident, I had followed one of my cousins to a sort of drama academy called Teenievision at the time in our area then in surulere. I didn’t go there to act , I just followed her because I was under her care and she couldn’t leave me at home. On getting there one of the coordinators gave me a script and asked me to read for the role of a lawyer and so I did. I eventually got to play that role ,not long after I became a key member of the drama academy .

How did you get the role Nnenna on my siblings and i? Did you audition for it?

Getting the role of Nnenna is another story, from 2015 upon gaining admission into the university of Lagos I started attending auditions but most times I’d get callbacks but I never got to play anything major. In March of 2018 I saw the notice for a scene one productions audition which was scheduled for the next day. I saw this notice late at night and you know how Lagos auditions can be you need to prepare and get there on time. I was discouraged to attend because I felt it was too late , I didn’t even have a 5*7 photograph and I couldn’t make the second day of the audition because I had a test so it was either I go the first day or not go at all. After much thought I rehearsed one of my monologues I had done in school for an assignment, picked out an outfit and finalized that I’d take a picture at the venue which is something I really don’t like because of quality and all but I resolved to just do it. I woke up as early as 5am the next day and before 8am I arrived at the venue , penned down my name in the attendance (I remember I was number fifty something). I did my monologue after which I was given a script , I acted out the Script and I was told “Thank you, we’d get back to you”. On hearing this I lost hope, I felt it was just the usual and I would never get a call but here I am today. Playing this intriguing role on such an amazing platform, I give glory to God everyday.

How difficult was it fitting into that role?

 Fitting into the role of Nnenna required research I had to first understand the vision about Nnenna as contained in the character bible. After that I read extensively about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), I even had to go back and watch the popular TV musical series Glee to study the Character of Miss Emma because she was one of the characters I had seen with OCD on tv. I also had to create mannerisms like Nnenna’s signature “Hmmph”.  

And what’s it like working with the cast and crew so far?

Working on set with the cast and crew of my siblings and I has been amazing, we’re currently rounding up shoot for season two and I must say I  learn from them everyday, we sweat , argue and laugh together and they are like a family away from home.

What attracted you to begin a career as an actor?

What attracted me to begin or desire an acting career I must say is my experience from acting in School , church and then the drama academy Teenivision. By the time I got to Jss3 I had come to love and enjoy it so much and I just knew this was what I wanted to do . Funny enough my teachers and even friends expected me to go to Science class but I went to art . I’m sure those that saw me in Art expected me to apply for law in the University but no, I choose Creative Arts, theatre arts unit. I’ve been following this dream right from junior secondary school. 

What is the one thing,  people will be surprised to know about you?

One thing people will be surprised to know about me is that my voice is real and I’m not faking it. Most people raise an eyebrow when they hear my voice, some say it’s tiny, animated, baby-ish but that’s just how it is and it’s even getting deeper now. I’ve met some fans that say ”oh wow so this is how you sound in real life “. My answer is yes o

When you suffer a setback, how does that emotionally affect you and your work?

Well acting for me is like an temporary escape or a short vacation from reality because I get to be a different person with a different ambition, problem and desire so when I suffer an emotional set back I might be moody for a while but once I hear “ action” I can’t even think or remember it till i hear “Cut”. And in rare occasions when I and the character might have similar emotional problems it helps me express the emotions of that character even better.

In which area would you like to improve as an actor?

 I’d say Emotions and Transition .im working everyday to express emotions so well that the audience would forget they are watching a movie as well as to be able to transition from one emotion to the other effortlessly. Like I said I am a work in progress.

What sort of acting roles will you be looking out for in the future?

More dramatic roles, everyone calls me a drama queen . So yes to more dramatic roles.

If you could choose, what three actors would you really want to work with?

If I could choose I’d want to work with Richard Mofe Damijo , Rita Dominic , Genevieve Nnaji.

What projects are you currently working on?

 Still filming My siblings and I Season two and very much available for other projects 

If you were to choose,  what 5 actors would you really like to work with?

Sola Sobowale , Ini Edo, Adesua Etomi, Femi Jacobs and Wole Ojo

Aside acting,  what other talents have you explored?

I’ve explored my presenting and voice over skills but not professionally. I’m working on it .

Your current screen saver?

 My beautiful self with my favorite Snapchat filter (Lol)

Dark room or Bright Room?

Hmmmm… it depends . I like dark rooms when I want to sleep or watch a movie but asides that please put on the light😂

Movies or music?

Ahhhh… this one is tough o but I’d pick movies

YOUR Nigerian MCM?

Idris Elba… oh sorry you said Nigerian,uhhhh…. Falz the bad guy

Favourite Local Delicacy?

As a confirm wafi babe… na starch and Banga soup with every every inside especially Titus fish and periwinkle

Describe yourself in one word.

In one word I’d describe myself as an Avalanche

Most used word

“Obvi”, that is, obviously

How long have you been acting?

Ten years now o… since 2009.

What would be  a question you’d be afraid to tell the truth on.

 The question would be “Tell me your deepest secret?”

In the Nigerian Entertainment world today. Who would you say inspires you to become more in terms of Acting?

In terms of acting , Nse Ekpe Etim

What is your biggest/weirdest fear?

Actually bushy areas at night

What would be your super power if you had one ?

The super power I’d wish for is the ability to control time like Dr Strange

How do you try to improve on your acting skills?

 I improve my acting skills by watching films ; I study the actors expressions, modulation, articulations. I practice monologues , mannerisms and I also act before my mirror or phone camera. Phone camera mostly

What’s the weirdest question you’ve been asked?

The weirdest question would be “are you Igbo?”

What’s your annoying habit?

 My annoying habit would definitely be munching snacks on the road. In case you see me eating chin chin on the road one of these days.


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