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Contrary to popular opinions, epilepsy isn’t as a result of witchcraft but as a result of abnormal paroxysmal and transient discharge of the electric waves in the brain. So the next time you come across an epileptic patient, you might want to help them instead of running away from them. Let’s take a look at what Epilepsy is.

There are five stages involved in epilepsy and each of these stages has their own significant sign(s).

1). The first stage is the AURA STAGE and this stage is subjective,it can be felt only by the individual experiencing the illness.

What happens in AURA STAGE?

In Aura stage, the individual perceive a sour taste in the mouth and a flashing of light before the eyes and stop all activities. This stage takes place within a twinkle of an eye and takes only seconds.

2) The second stage involved is the TONIC STAGE and this can be seen by others.

What happens in TONIC STAGE?

Here, the individual lose consciousness and fall on the ground with the muscles becoming rigid. The twitching and jerking isn’t present.

3). The third stage is the CLONIC STAGE and this also can be seen by others.

What happens in CLONIC STAGE

In Clonic, twitching and jerking of the body can be seen and the individual also starts to foam in the mouth and the individual is still in a state of unconsciousness.

4)  The fourth stage is the COMA STAGE and this stage is in line with its name.

What happens in COMA STAGE

Coma stage is where the individual goes into a state of deep sleep, the individual stop jerking and foaming but goes into a sleeping state and the breathing can be heard.

5).  The fifth and last stage is the recovery stage and here the person gain back his consciousnesses.

What happens in RECOVERY STAGE?

The individual in this stage gain back consciousness and become conscious of his environment. He becomes embarrassed because of the mess he sees around such as urine and vomitus which he might have passed during any of the stages above. This might make the patient vomit, cry and go into depression.

After being aware of the stages of Epilepsy and how they work, how them can we help an epileptic patient when we come across them?

The best thing to do if you come across anyone in any of the above stages is to;

  • Clear their surroundings of any harmful objects to prevent them from getting harm during jerking
  • Turn them to the side to prevent them from aspirating their vomitus or he foamy content coming off from their mouth.
  • Remove tight clothings around their chest and waist to allow fresh air.
  • Clear their mouth off any vomitus to allow easy respiration and breathing.
  • And finally when they recover and gain consciousness, give them the necessary support and encourage them. Do not shame them or run from them.


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