Akah & Claire Get Real About Life After Wedding In New Vlog



Akah Nnani and Claire Idera share their realities of marriage, what it’s been like transitioning from single-hood, and dealing with the whole change in general in their recent vlog and new channel.

They say:

“A wedding, the preparations, and moving in with someone is a very huge change and for some people, they take it harder than others. People get post wedding depression, they deal with that as a result of the crash from all the activities and hype. Some people get withdrawal symptoms after the wedding. This happened to us and for a while we could not understand it. But we overcame that challenge. Marriage hasn’t been all rosy. We always heard the first year is the Honeymoon stage and so we expected the bed of roses, no lies. We were shocked. Lol. But we’ve been together for more than 5 years so maybe that added to us not getting this complete honeymoon year or maybe cos we never lived with each other before marriage. Changes in the little things weren’t easy to handle. One of us is very particular about where things are kept and placed, while the other is not. One is very particular about communicating every single detail, while the other isn’t. All these ‘little things’ can become huge issues. Well, these are the things we discussed and hope you guys enjoy



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