World Mental Health Day | You’re not your mental illness



It’s World Mental Health Day and I like to think I’ve been through different “waves” of mental illnesses in my journey. I’ve had anxiety attacks in the craziest places (e.g. public transports), suicidal ideations, I’ve been on anxiety pills & I’ve also struggled with the “shame and guilt” of doing so…

Above all, I’ve learnt to manage ‘it’ better…and these I’ve learnt on/about getting help;

i. unlearn silence.
ii. don’t try to contain pain;
let it loose before you lose you.
ii. don’t wait for the boat to sink before you reach out for help; place an SOS while your head is still above waters.
iii. when you find yourself constantly slipping away and darkness is all you see & you can’t reach your light, draw the curtains and let the sun shine its light on and for you.
iv. you’re not weak because you live with a mental illness. you’re not weak because you need pills to survive some worse/worst days. don’t let people who have not looked fear in the eyes with their knees on the floor, birthing boldness repeatedly, tell you it’s insane refusing to go through life without help.
v. help doesn’t have to be conventional.
vi. you are not your mental illness.
vii. you deserve to dance in the rain if you witness the darkest clouds.

You belong here! stay mentally aware! don’t lose your hope. don’t give up on your light!


Written By Ibukun Writes..

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