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While everyone was posting and flaunting their boobs yesterday, ladies should take note that no bra day isn’t just for flaunting boobs, in fact, no bra day isn’t for flaunting boobs. No bra day is for creating awareness about breast cancer. So in celebration of no bra day and the fight against breast cancer, ladies should note the following.

Wash your breast. Wash your breast carefully, do not be in a hurry to wash your breast. Some ladies just wash their breast like they wash other part of their body, no. Wash your breast like you wash your face, gently and with concentration. Concentrate on every part of the breast.

Wash your bra. Because the bra is worn under the cloth isn’t an excuse to wear a bra multiple times without washing. Don’t go about shouting “No bra day” and go back to wearing the same bra you have worn multiple times without washing. Ideally, it should be twice and then you wash.

Watch your weight. As funny as this may sound, it is true. Obesity is a predisposing factors to breast cancer, so why not watch your weight and prevent breast cancer, especially if there’s a history of breast cancer in the family.

Do not wear a bra while sleeping, especially at night. The breast needs air and the bra is depriving the breast of that air, most especially the nipple and the areolar. Do not put on bra while sleeping to allow the breast air and relaxation. And also in hot weather, it is advisable to avoid wearing black bra as it generates more heat.

Perform self breast examination. Self breast examination should be done once a month by yourself and for yourself and as the name goes, “self.” You do not need a partner to help you in carrying out the procedure, just follow the steps below

*Lie down with your left hand under your head. Use your right hand to examine your left breast, with your three middle finger flat, move in circular motion over the entire breast starting from the collar bone above to the sternum below, noting and feeling for strange sensations, lumps and or pain. Switch hands and repeat procedure for the second breast.

*Look at your breast while standing in front of a mirror and check for lumps, change in shapes and sizes and swelling or damping of the skin.

*Raise one arm and check under your armpit for lumps. Raise the other hand and repeat procedure.

*Squeeze the nipple of each breast gently using your thumb and index finger. Check for any discharges of the nipple.

** Things to look for in self breast examination.
^Abnormal discharge of the nipple
^Abnormal change in shape and/or size of the breast and/or nipple.

Lastly, go to your doctor. If during bathing, dressing, or even self breast examination, you notice any of the above on your breast, do not dispute it as being nothing, go to your doctor. See your doctor to rule out breast cancer.

We hope in celebration of no bra day, every lady has been able to gain one or two things from this post. Happy pink month ladies.

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