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Today, we’re celebrating the CEO of Mercimoa Properties – Anuoluwapo Okubanjo. Find out more about her Entrepreneuship journey and business below.


Being Self-Employed is life fulfiling. You have the freedom to pursue your own vision and dreams.

As your own boss, you work when you want to work; and stop if you want to stop. You can tailor your work according to your lifestyle and accommodate various tasks.

I have always loved to be my own Boss. I was tired of the 9-5 daily route. I have always loved to explore and move around. Besides the salary was absolutely nothing to write about. It was never ever enough. I needed to create a good future for myself and my children. And the only way to do that was to start my own business and do my things my way. Venturing into my own business also helped me to create more time for myself and my family. Other reasons are to add value to the world and help people with my expertise. People needed to be put on the right path of wise real estate investments.


Passion drove me into Real Estate. I have always had passion for Real Estate right from my school days. When I lost my job years ago, I decided not to work for anyone again but rather make my passion my paycheck. So I channeled my energy towards Real Estate, expanded my knowledge on it and to God be the glory, the business is paying my bills now.


I have had a couple of failures, unclosed deals and so on in this business.All these are due to lack of knowledge, impatience, reluctancy etc.

But over the years I have learnt so much about handling these and I worked on them. I enrolled for courses and trainings on Real Estate and also got mentors in the business to put me through the right part. Most times what is in the books is not what is in practice.

Over the years I have learnt to apply more patience and understanding in dealing with clients etc. I have learnt to carry out due diligence on every property and transaction before venturing into them.


My business is all about Real Estate. I render professional assistance in renting, leasing, buying and selling Lands and Houses.

I also assist people to invest in properties that produces profitable, predictable, constant and perpetual residual income that makes them rich overtime bringing mutual happiness, success and freedom.

90% of millionaire became so through Real Estate. Most millionaires became Rich through Land Banking. Land Banking is a real estate investment scheme that involves buying parcels of undeveloped land, holding it for 3years and more for future development, use or sell. Land Banking is the key to Wealth. Land Banking if done wisely is forever profitable.

Land Banking is one of the surest means in real estate business of making huge returns on your investment. Land banking is a pathway to financial stability and freedom without creating holes in your pocket.

In Land banking, the poor becomes rich while the rich get richer; it’s a-two way traffic thing. Globally, people have made huge fortunes from land banking.

Imagine buying a plot of land in Lekki Boulevard Estate, Ibeju Lekki for N850k and 5years or more from now, the same plot of land is valued at N5m-10m. You would be making profit of millions by re-selling that same piece of land. Now, consider this; what if you had bought 5 plots of land? Do the math……….

Don’t just walk or drive past that property with regrets some years after a real estate agent tried to convince you to invest in an opportunity of a lifetime with no avail. You could think you bought what looked like a fallow land and years after it turns out to be an empire that takes you to a place higher than you could ever think of. Land Banking is where the rich and wise saves their money.

Furthermore, I manage properties, Property Development/Construction, Consultancy, Recruitment and Trainings. Real Estate is what I do best.


Funny enough getting into Real Estate for starters requires no skill, talent or capital. What this business basically requires is interest, determination, focus, hardwork and mostly 100% Consistency. To succeed in any business, one needs to be consistent. I do Real Estate back to back. Its an interesting daily routine for me.

I started this business with Zero Capital and along the line after making some sales, I reinvested some part of the money in myself and the business by going for courses and trainings, registering, expanding and branding my business etc.

At Mercimoa Properties, we enjoin others to come on Board and be Realtors. You dont have to be an expert neither do you require skills to be a Realtor. Simple sign up with us and lets tutor you to success. Registration is 100% FREE.

Have you been looking for a side hustle to your regular job?

Are you looking to earn extra income as a stay at home Mom? Are you unemployed, Employed, a CEO, Student, Teacher, Artisan etc, here is an amazing oppourtunity to liberate yourself before the year 2019 runs out:
– Be independent
– Get Unlimited Earnings
– Work from home or at your flexible Hours
– No Capitals, Skills or Talents needed

Don’t let the fear of what can happen make nothing happen. Call or Chat me on Whatsapp- 08055682295 and lets get started.

I dont ever regret being a Realtor and I am over 100% certain you wont regret becoming one too.

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