School Season is upon us again with all its monstrous pressures and stress that can drain and frustrate even the best of us.

The secret to enjoying BACK-TO-SCHOOL-SEASON is DESIGN. As simple and common as designing is, it is ever so often taken for granted and underestimated. Design is both a verb and a noun that means to carefully plan, modify, or arrange elements in order for them to function intelligently. Design is an energy saving stress-proof way to make complex things/tasks easy. Design does not have to be complex, it can be something as simple as an infographic sketch for after school activities or, a hand written plan (example: a one week meal plan).

Case study:
Let us take Meals in a home as a case study. It is very draining to think on your feet everyday, about what the little ones will eat. But, if we design a Meal plan for a week, the stress of thinking will be eliminated, we can shop ahead and in bulk for meals (thereby saving us time, and money), and we can have peace of mind and more time to handle other tasks.
For better understanding,

I have designed a one week meal plan to help you cater for the culinary needs of you and little ones. I hope you find it useful.

You can find the recipes for preparing the meals in the cookbook – AJI, Chapter27Series Book 2 by D., Queen of F’A’Arts; available on Amazon and Kindle.

At Ebae Empire, our goal is to enhance the living experience of families the world over through Design (Fashion, Architecture, & Arts).

We will be honored to connect with you all on the virtual space (Instagram & Twitter: @Ebae_Empire; Email:

Please, tell us what else we can design to enhance your living experience this school season.

Let us make a habit of designing systems that will help us run our homes without stress. There in is the secret to enjoying this season and every other season of life.

Happy Back-To-School Season to you all.

D., Queen of F’A’Arts
c.e.o Ebae Empire

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