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Buffet Style

Good thing the Arena opened up when it did cause Khafi had started knocking the door in anticipation of the dinner she was promised. Well. She wasn’t disappointed as the doors opened not too long after and she and the rest of the Pepper Dem Gang walked into a tastefully decorated Arena with a table stacked with the tastiest of delicacies that had not just the Housemates mouths watering but yours too

Food Bandits

When it comes to the Pepper Dem Gang, whenever there’s food, there will be bandits. Just as Biggie asked the Housemates to head back in, the food bandits went on a rampage. From stuffing food into paper bags to taking extra plates, The Pepper Dem Gang showed us the other side of them we last saw during a food fest. You guys also spotted some of the food bandits too.

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Battle Over Bottles

In their usual manner, the Pepper Dem Gang had an altercation over the bottles of alcohol. Trouble began when Housemates couldn’t decide on a sharing formula which led to a mild drama about who should take what and who shouldn’t. Some wanted a particular brand while some didn’t. For Housemates who just had a great dinner, one would think the rest of the night would continue in the spirit of love and light. Boy, were we wrong.

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