Woman Murders Daughter’s Ex Husband , Cuts Off His Testicles



A woman has reportedly killed her son-in-law over failing to pay money and give help to her daughter – his ex-wife – and her grandson.

The suspect, 49 stabbed the deceased Dmitry Bogdano 27 times and after he collapsed, cut off his testicles at her home in Novgorod, Russia, and threw them out of her open flat window.
The woman and her partner had been sharing a drink with the son-in-law when they began to row.

The daughter called the police when her mother phoned to tell her what she had done.
Dmitry Bogdanov, 32, died after being stabbed 27 times.
Police said the woman and her partner admitted they stabbed the victim to death after rowing over money.
She then stabbed him several times with a knife and when Bogdanov collapsed, her boyfriend grabbed the knife and continued the attack, police claimed.  After mutilating the victim, the mother phoned her daughter who immediately called the police. The couple initially denied murdering Bogdanov but later confessed.

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