R-Kelly Wants Micheal Jackson’s Attorney! But he doesn’t have the money.



R-Kelly believes Michael Jackson’s attorney is just the guy he needs to help set him free — but if that happens, it’s gonna come at a steep cost.

TMZ reports that R Kelly met with famed lawyer Tom Mesereau — who beat the rap for Michael Jackson back in 2005. Though Mesereau hasn’t agreed to rep Kelly — at least not yet — but it could very well happen.
Mesereau is said to be one of the best and most sought after criminal defense lawyers. He’s turned prosecutors flat-footed in trials where it seemed open-and-shut against his client.
That said, he doesn’t come cheap, and money has become super tight in Kelly’s world. He’s already hired a battery of lawyers, and he’s making next to nothing.

I Want Michael Jackson’s Molestation Attorney …BUT I GOTTA COME UP WITH THE DOUGH – R Kelly

Reports have it that, R Kelly and his team are trying to figure out ways to raise the money to hire Mesereau.


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