I’m sure you know Avala Balogun, One of the pepperdem housemates BIggie blessed us with this year. She definitely dished out some spicy content while in the house.

And has moulded herself into one of the housemates to look out for after the show.

BBN has no doubt shaped her career, which would linger on for a long time if not forever.

Tell us about your life before BBnaija and do you think being on the show will affect your lifestyle in any way? 


Avala – Before big brother I was just a single mother trying to pursue my music career. Being on the show was a huge step to fame for me, so it’s very exciting that people know who I am when I walk on the street and asks for pictures. I love it.

What were your expectations when you went in?  was it worth it? 

Avala – I expected to have stayed in longer than I did. I didn’t expect to be out of the show because of bet 9ja coins. Also didn’t think my family, friends, and my fans wouldn’t be able to vote for me. So it’s a bittersweet experience and it was definitely worth it.

Do you regret being on the show? Or do you wish to have done certain things differently?  

Avala –  I have no regrets. I wish I was a bit more vocal about some certain things but that’s about it.

How would you describe your relationship with other ex Housemates now!

Avala and Isilomo

Avala – Most of us are all pretty cool all though I didn’t really get a chance to know the other housemates very well cause of my short time, but I’ve developed a relationship with Isilomo the most.

Take us down memory lane: what was it like growing up? share with us your most cherished childhood memory. 

Avala – My childhood had a lot of ups and downs growing up in Brooklyn New York but it made me who I am today. My most cherished childhood moment was the first time I sang in front of a crowd and it brought tears to my parents eyes. That made my heart melt

What are your goals for the rest of 2019 and how do you hope to achieve them? 

Avala – I would love to have moved forward with my music career also collaborations with several artists like Teni the entertainer, Nonso Amardi, Wurld , Burna Boy, Simi and many more

Would you say you’re living the life you’ve always dreamt of right now? 

Avala – Not yet, but I will

Do you think being on Bbnaija will help in boosting your career further?

Avala – it’s definitely a career booster now that I have the attention of the people and it’s an opportunity to drop new music and show them what I am made of

Ever been bullied on social media? What are your views on Cyber bullying? 

Avala – Yes, who hasn’t? Almost everyone has been through it , being in the limelight or not but as for me , being in the limelight I’m exposed to a lot of personal opinions. You’ll get the very best comments or the worst, you really can’t hide from it. I would advice anyone going through such should work on developing tough skin and learn to ignore the bad comments People always create their own picture of what’s going, most of the time that image is wrong. Best not to let the bad comments get to us, cause it could be very unhealthy. Focus on the good, that’s where the good energy is and let the bad energy stay far away 😄

What was the most hurtful comment about you you’ve read since you left the house? 

Avala –  Where should I start! It’s a lot! Like some people said that I’m very weak and insecure or judging my mother hood or I’m not pretty or some people said I was pregnant for Gedoni lol which was very ridiculous

Of all that has been written about you on social media,  how do you feel about them? What do you think has been left out and is worth knowing? 

Avala – I’m fine , I wasn’t fake I was real , I didn’t get to show the real me cause I was evicted in one week from the show which was shocking to me and people should not think I’m weak or I cried on National tv that it makes me weak. I’m a strong woman who been striving for years with a baby on my back and over came every obstacles that came across me.

Describe your current love life in one word. 

Avala – Beautiful

What is the one thing,  people will be surprised to know about you? 

Avala – that I speak Yoruba

How do you think people perceive you after watching you on BB Pepper Dem,  and how would you wish they perceived you? 

Avala – didn’t really get to show the real me cause I was only there for a week but I think people saw me as a sweetheart or soft hearted

What is one habit you wish you could break? 

Avala – Bitting my nails when I’m nervous

Who are you rooting for to win the BB show?

Avala – Mercy or Venita

What makes you laugh no matter what?

Avala – Watching babies in wigs!

Elanni Lawal (Avala’s Daughter)

What does creativity mean to you? 

Avala – Being original in your own unique way

What is one goal you are determined to achieve in your lifetime? 

Avala –  To be a mega star

Name one thing you’ve learned the hard way?

Avala –  that patience is key

If you could make a documentary about anything what would it be? 

Avala – the struggles of a woman in a man’s world

What was the highlight of being on Big Brother?

Avala and CeeC

Avala –  The relationship I built

What is the weirdest thing about you? Are you proud of it?

Avala –  Apparently I always spray body spray on myself every time for no reason and I’m proud of it cause I always smell so nice! Lol



To know more about Avala, you can keep up with her by following her on IG @lookingforavala

Images – @lookingforavala (Instagram)

Interview Put Together by Amarachi Oparah!



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