Pregnancy is no doubt a beautiful experience, yet it can take a toll on your mood, especually when you start observing some changes in your skin and body coupled with aches and all which may leave you feeling a certain way or the other. Here are some tips on how to feel beautiful, relaxed and experience that unique pregnancy glow and fall in love the more with your body.

1. HAVE A FACE WASH: Nothing beats having a face wash, the feel of water on the face is everything. Wash your face at least twice a day with lukewarm water to remove oil and dirt, wash gently and not excessively to prevent the removal of the essential skin oil. Apply oil moisturizer on your face after each wash.

2. DO NOT PICK THAT SPOT: That annoying spot on your face, it’s irritating to keep seeing it there right? Do not touch or pick it. Touching or picking spots only allow for the spread of more bacterial, instead, use a face treatment and make sure you wash your face before applying any face treatment.

3. AVOID THE SUN: Aside the fact that the rays from the sun can be scorching, ultraviolet lights from the sun can lead to dark spot on the skin and this may be difficult to get rid of, so always try as much as possible to stay away from the sun.

4. SAY YES TO FOLIC ACID: Yes, folic acid. Eat food rich in folic acid like avocado, asparagus, broccoli, beans, peas and nuts to promote even skin tone and a radiant skin.

5. MANAGE THAT STRECTH MARK: Although, you can possibly prevent the appearance of stretch mark, you can reduce them through the use of essential oils rich in vitamin A and E which are good for the skin structure such as coconut oil and shea butter and you can also get various skin care product that reduces stretch mark. Fine out exactly which oil and product is safe for you and your baby.

6. GET THAT SLEEP: Pregnancy naturally is a stage that’s accompanied with lots of sleeping moments which should be enjoyed, but due to various reasons, pregnant women fight the urge to sleep and try staying awake. This takes a toll on the body and stress the body out, giving the skin a dull look. Sleep as much as you can, seize every opportunity to sleep and relax.

7. GO FOR EXERCISE : Afraid exercise might lead to a miscarriage? There are little exercises a pregnant woman can engage in which would endanger the baby and the mother, a little stroll in the evening, a little twist of the body and small dance step for the first trimester which can increase gradually as the pregnancy progresses. Exercise keeps the body alive and afresh and aids the body system in proper functioning.

8. STAY HYDRATED: Take that glass of water. Don’t deny your body water as it is essential to the body, a dehydrated skin gives off a dull and pale look. The secret to your pregnancy glow might just be water, take a lot of water. Water helps regulates the body system.

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