Daily Love Horoscope | Here is What Your Love Star Is Saying!



Aries – Jul 17, 2019 – The astral energy encourages you to invite a few friends around for an impromptu party, so that you and a loved one can relax in good company and enjoy an evening of tales and jokes. If you both want to seriously improve your love life, then do the same, alone, with oysters, champagne, and an aromatic hot tub thrown in for good measure. You WILL want to repeat this experience.

Taurus – Jul 17, 2019 – It is your great sense of humor that comes to the rescue in terms of one significant relationship. Today’s aspect gives you just the edge you need in the communications department to help you to get around a certain argument that a loved one may put forward. You won’t win by trying to force the issue, or by burying your head in the sand, but by making them laugh.

Gemini – Jul 17, 2019 – Don’t allow yourself to be despondent, especially when there is so much potential for transformation in the air. The astral configuration indicates that all you need is a new perspective on relationships, as the one you currently have may be far too limiting. You would perhaps benefit from a change in your social life that takes you into new circles and helps you meet some very different people.

Cancer – Jul 17, 2019 – Today’s celestial energy may help you to realize that when someone close tells you that they love you, they really do mean it. You may have thought that they were just saying it, and somehow could not believe it could really be true. However, they WILL manage to finally convince you, and all the suspicions, insecurities, and bouts of wishful thinking will be replaced by certainty.

Leo – Jul 17, 2019 – You can transform your love life today just by telling the person closest to you how you really feel, instead of how you think you should feel. The interplay of astral energies indicates that you may find it hard on this occasion to hold back, as your emotions are at a fever pitch. For once they may get to see you as you as you really are: human and vulnerable.

Virgo – Jul 17, 2019 – The planetary alignment could indicate that one phase of your current relationship is coming to an end, but this will be in a truly positive sense. It could be that you now decide to make a deeper commitment to each other, and so strengthen the bond between you by making plans to make your future together more assured. You may feel like celebrating your decision.

Libra – Jul 17, 2019 – Romance and love are much more intense, with today’s astral configuration. If you go out on a date with someone fairly new, there is more of a chance that things will develop quickly, as you will immediately sense that there is something quite special about the chemistry between the two of you. Just be careful that you don’t end up getting too obsessed too fast.

Scorpio – Jul 17, 2019 – Romance is very much a matter of humor, especially with the current astral energy. Although you are more concerned with image and looks than with making others laugh, it is your particular approach to life that seems to have someone really gorgeous in stitches. You obviously have a lot to share and discover about each other – and looking on the bright side helps a lot. Good times lie ahead.

Sagittarius – Jul 17, 2019 – The current aspect means you have a wonderful opportunity to make amends with your partner (current or prospective) after a time when you may have found it difficult to communicate properly. You will realize the folly of your ways and find the confidence and warm-heartedness to approach each other from a more positive stance. Take the time to go out and have some fun, as laughter will work wonders for you both.

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