Topic: WHO Am I?                                Text:Matthew 16 vs13-15, Genesis 1vs 26

The major problem of this generation which we happen to be in is the problem of  mistaken identity. Many people are searching for identity. Alot of people are living the Alternative Lifestyle. Celebrate who you are for that is where lies all you’ll become.
The most perfect chapters in the Bible are Genesis chapter 1&2. God said, let us make man in our own image. The entire TRINITY sat together to discuss your making “let us make Man in our image”. The Hebrew word for image is “TSELEM” which means to be like. You are God’s blue print.
  The main essence of salvation is for Christ to introduce You to You. You cannot know who you are until Christ is revealed in you.
 You cannot know who you are by inquiring from people. Every time you  make inquiries of who you are from other people, they’ll answer you from historical facts (Mtt 16vs13-15).
When Jesus asked His disciples who men said He was. They answered Him based on what they heard. One thing about Jesus is that He doesn’t laugh at your ignorance. He said if you lack knowledge, you should ask Him.
You cannot know who Jesus is until you have the Holy Spirit. When Peter spoke by the leading of the Holy Spirit, Jesus revealed who Peter was to him. The word Peter is translated from the Greek Petrus- which means a smaller rock leaning on a bigger rock. It means you can’t be it on your own, but be leaning on Him who is the rock I.e JESUS.
Vasila tos tor- this means the kingdom of God.
He said He’ll give us the keys. How many of us are using the keys.
  • Where are you from? Your source. For you to know who you are, you must know where you are from. You are from God, He is your source. “Abba” is the Greek word for father, it means source
  • Who am I ? Express image of God.
  • Why am I here? It means purpose. When you live a life purpose, you don’t mess around.don’t live by the pocket, live a purpose filled life.
  • What do I have? What you have is potential, what you haven’t used is not potential
  • Where am I going? This has to do with destiny.
You cannot know who you are except you find Christ.

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