5 Interesting New WHATSAPP Features to Look Out For.



The highly sought-after messaging application WhatsApp is prepping up to unveil new features that are guaranteed to ease the user experience while also making things more interesting

Dark Mode:

WhatsApp is projected to be jumping onboard the bandwagon and also introducing the dark mode feature soon which is surprisingly has been highly anticipated by the users. The Dark Mode inverts the colors to help reduce strain on eyes, especially after sunset and has already been added in some of the applications including Twitter, YouTube and Google Chrome.

Quick Edit Media:

It is reported that the user-friendly app is working on a Quick Edit Media feature which allow users to make changes to media files sent or received. The feature is different from the existing edit tools that WhatsApp provides, with this enabling users to edit the media in-chat and share directly.

More Forwarded info:

In order to tackle fake news and misinformation on WhatsApp’s platform, the makers last year added a forwarded label on the messages that had been forwarded by the sender but in its upcoming update, the company is now going to improve this feature by adding a ‘frequently forwarded’ label.

The application will also be able to inform users about how many times a message has been forwarded as the feature is expected to be a part of the info section which tells when the message was delivered and when it was read.

QR code:

Each user will receive a unique QR code which can be shared with others, and will make it easier to add a new contact through QR codes.

Hide Mute Status:

WhatsApp’s Hide Mute Status feature wouldn’t completely block a contact but would just hide it from the status feed. The company is reportedly improving the feature by removing the muted status feed altogether.

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  1. Ashley says:

    That more forwarded info is my favorite part buh biko when will they stop announcing to everyone when i delete a msg or leave a group.

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