We absolutely can’t deny the fact that being healthy rocks, and this doesn’t only mean the absence of illness.

Being healthy involves our lifestyle, eating habit, environments, dressings, walking posture and in fact, working habit. Who would want to associate with someone who looks dirty, dress dirty, doesn’t keep a clean environment or has a bad walking posture? And who doesn’t agree working round the clock burns someone out?

If only to confirm what we already know, here are 10 reasons why being healthy absolutely rocks.

“I feel happy, I feel fly” is a statement of those who feels great, those who feel fly, those who feel healthy. Yes, there’s a correlation between being healthy and feeling great. When you are physically and mentally healthy, you feel great. Being healthy has a way of bringing out those positive vibes in you, it boosts your self esteem and confidence. That’s when you feel clean, feel bright, feel young, feel happy, view life positively and have a positive attitude to life generally. It’s a way of you telling yourself you love your body.

“Oh look at that lady, she’s cute”
“Look at that guy, he’s handsome.”
You’d agree with me these are words we love to hear and only looking healthy creates such a positive first impression. When you are healthy, you not only feel great about yourself, you look great and others can see this. You look like you are in control of your life, you command respect and whoever told you being healthy doesn’t add to beauty got it wrong, it definitely does.
Is someone wondering what mental alertness has to do with being healthy? Well, There’s this mental alertness and agility that comes with being healthy. Healthy living esp in adults has a slow effect on aging the mental facilities, when you live healthy, you extend the lifespan of your mental facilities and it’s a way of preventing senile dementia(a progressive decline in cognitive function, such as memory loss)

“I’m tired and I’ve done nothing all day,” are you wondering why you feel this way? Look around you. Unhealthy lifestyle and environment just has a way of draining all of your energy, you feel weak and stressed even without doing nothing. But when you are healthy, you find yourself doing things and enjoying them. Ever wonder why some adults do things with such strength and ability of a youth? The answer is right in front of you, it’s simply because they are healthy and keep a healthy lifestyle.

“I haven’t been to the hospital in years,” no auntie, it’s not because you have been given anti-sickness drugs(there’s even nothing of such). Dear brother, it’s not because you are an alien or you have a supernatural power, oh no! Far from it. You want to know why? it’s because you keep a healthy lifestyle, everything around you screams “I am healthy.” A healthy lifestyle has a way of keeping illness from you, why? Because most bacterial, virus and fungals that cause diseases resides inside dirt and keeping a dirty environment is giving them direct access into the body system. And also, not working healthy, working round the clock and not taking a break from work tells on the body system, the body system tries to find a way to compensate for the excess stress until it can’t take it anymore and breaks down and this can be avoided by simply working healthy.

“I can do it,” is what a confident individual would say.
“I’m not sure I can do it,” is the lack of confidence.
When you feel great and know you look great, the confidence that follows is natural, not forced, not faked. Being healthy brings about confidence and this creates a very good first impression. And what’s more is this confidence radiates onto others. As an healthy individual, you simply find it easy to do what an unhealthy individual cannot do and do you know sometimes you escape questioning or certain embarrassment an unhealthy looking individual has to go through? Well, now I know you want to look healthy.

Have you experienced a situation whereby people avoid talking to a certain person? You know that moment when an individual steps into a group and people starts leaving? No, it’s not jealousy or hatred, it’s simply that people do not want to associate with an unhealthy individual. You’ll agree with me no one wants to be seen with a dirty looking individual. Being healthy gives you a very good social interaction, you have friends you can talk to, have fun with, go out with and also invite over. When you live an unhealthy life, people definitely would avoid coming to your place, because it screams ‘unhealthiness’ and yes they would try to avoid you in public, because no one likes being associated with an unhealthy individual.

Often find out you are jealous of people with great shape? They didn’t use magic, no they did not. They simply keep a healthy lifestyle. This has a lot to do with our eating habit and lifestyle generally. Keeping a healthy eating habit apart from giving your body the required nutrients, it also gives you a great shape and do you know a very nice shape has a lot to do with feeling and looking great? I know right, when you know you have the right shape, then you can be assured you look great and that alone is enough to feel fly and aside looking and feeling great, a nice shape makes you find doing certain things easier, walking up the stairs, running, climbing and a lot of other things.

Oh yeah, being healthy gives you that independent feeling. You don’t feel the need to depend on others to do certain things for you. You do things an unhealthy individual has to depend on others to do for them. You have that priceless feeling of independence, you are able to plan well, confidence of things working out, confidence of meeting people and oh yeah that beautiful feeling of being able to walk with your head up.

The best part of living healthy, you live longer and in good health. While an unhealthy individual fall in and out of sickness, you are simply flourishing in the benefit of living healthy. And do you know what this means? You get to see your grandkids, travel the world with whoever you wish, do whatever you like and absolutely enjoy the best life has to offer.

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